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Product description

Universal joint couplings are commonly know as universal joint shafts. One of many structural designs of universal joint shafts, XB Series universal joint shafts is the most commonly used with the highest load capacity. Drawing on many years of universal joint engineering experience and the advanced world technology, we have conducted in-depth research on the XB Series universal joint shafts product line. Our product have far surpassed the most strict engineering standards both in performance and product variety and are able to satisfy our customers diverse and stringent requirements. In particular, our ultra-short hollow universal joint shaft was patent licensed for its functional innovations. Our product range consists of the following 5 series, covering a torque range of 180~8.000.000N·m, with XB Series as the core product line.

1. XA Series-Light-Duty Design
●Nominal torque Tn=180~22.000 Nm
●Joint diameter D=52~225mm
●Maximum deflection angles β=25°and 35°

2. XB Series-Medium-Duty Design
●Nominal torque Tn=18~1.000 kNm
●Joint diameter D=160~620mm
●Maximum deflection angles β=15°

3. XC Series-Heavy-Duty Design
●Nominal torque Tn=1.250~8.000 kNm
●Joint diameter D=620~1.200mm
●Maximum deflection angles β=5° and 10°

4. XD Series-Short-Design
●Nominal torque Tn=25~90kNm
●Joint diameter D=215~350mm
●Maximum deflection angles β=5°

5. XF Series-Medium-Duty Design Tunnel Shafts
●Nominal torque Tn=18~.600 kNm
●Joint diameter D=180~550m

Our relentless efforts towards perfection of designs and technical innovation have enabled us to manufacture universal joint products with outstanding features and performance,
and with a quality level that is second to none in Italy. Our product strengths include:

●Prolonged Bearing Life:
The use of a unique design of sealing system and imported sealing fittings for cross assemblies to ensure an optimal lubricating condition for a prolonged bearing life.

●Superior Machining Precision:
Spline sets are precision machined with a unique hobbing-broaching process and the spline surface are treated with hardening process so that the accuracy and stability of spline fit are greatly improved.
The customer can choose between involute and rectangular tooth profiles for the splines.

●Optimal Balancing Quality:
On the strength of our thorough research on vibration engineering, state-of-the-art manufacturing technology and complete dynamic balancing testing methods,
shafts welded by specialists will be checked with an ultrasonic test machine and dynamically balanced according to grade G 16 of the standard DIN ISO 1940.

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