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Ultra compact brushless drives 230-400 Vac - For motors up to 11Nm
A very robust multiple axis system with single power unit, especially conceived for applications needing up to 6 - 12 drives,
offering high performance control and excellent power to dimension ratio. It can be supplied with customer specific hardware & software,
preloaded or with easy file loading for best stock management. On-site start-up service or remote support.
Typical applications: CNC robots, x-y guides, healtcare, textiles, conveyors, packaging, pelletizing, boxing, printing machines, positioners,
bar feeders, CNC cutting and milling machines, woodworking machines, laser and plasma cutting waterjet, chemical plants,
market garden automation, welding, sharpening, 3D printers, sewing machines..
TVT Motion AB Salamandervägen 28 702 36 Örebro tel. 019-127796
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