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P = 4 - 11kW
Bygghöjd 80-100

Series SE, SEF, SEP
Fimec compact saw motors have been studied for all those applications in which an high output but limited dimensions are required.
They are particularly suitable for applications on cutting machines (for example, circular saws) thanks to the lowered shape, allowing the maximum exploitation of the cutting height.
Saw motors are usually supplied with a left or right hand threaded shaft, nuts and flanges. Shafts can be easily modified according to our customers’ needs .
Terminal box can be positioned near the exit shaft (left or right side) or near the fan cover or on the top of the motor. It can also be rotated of 360 degrees in order to provide cable entry from different directions.
These motors can work up to 6000 rpm if connected to an inverter and can be supplied with special voltages for working in Countries all over the world.

Compact saw motors are not foreseen by UNEL directions, consequently every manufacturer has Its own motor dimensions, shaft exits and powers.
Type SE:three phase motors without brake. From frame 48 up to frame 100;
Type SEF:three phase motors with dc security brake usually fed at 230v or 400v. From frame 48 up to frame 100;
Type SEP:three phase motors with pneumatic brake. Available only for frame H80 and H100.
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