TVT Motion AB
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P = 25 - 1000W

Dagu’s motors and gearmotors are used in many sectors. The main fields of application are listed below: -
Nautical: anchor winches, hydraulic control units, sail positioning, marine scooters; -
Industrial machines: machine tools, automatic machines, robots, textile machines, conveyor belts; -
Packaging machines - Door opening automation: electric gates, automatic doors, turnstiles, automatic safety doors, barriers; -
Railway applications: step, door closing, points, compressors; -
Robotics: robot movement; - Automotive sector; - Small on-board lorry hoists; - Solar panel adjustment; -
Industrial cleaning machines: sweepers, washer-dryers; - Wheelchairs for the disabled and electric vehicles; -
Motorised wheels; - Safety motors; - Lifts; - Freight hoists; - Lift trucks; - Motor with combination of planetary and worm gear; -
Compact gearmotors; - Planetary gearmotors; - Motors and gearmotors, with brake, encoder and thermal protection.
TVT Motion AB Salamandervägen 28 702 36 Örebro el. 019-127796
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