TVT Motion AB
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P = 1.5 - 3kW
Bygghöjd 63-71

New space-saving line series ETE - EME

Designed specifically for applications requiring high power output with a shorter wheelbase than the unified IEC series. Motek proposes in particular two coupling solutions:
- With blade discs and locknut, motor mounting to casing profile in quarries "T", for direct application of the blade;
- B14 with shaft and coupling flange of unified IEC series, motor mounting to casing profile in slots "T" and / or on flange with threaded holes.

Maunfacturing Standard IP55 - Duty S6 V = 230/400 V
Available with declaration of conformity ATEX - ETEX series.
TVT Motion AB Salamandervägen 28 702 36 Örebro el. 019-127796
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