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Variable speed drives with or without reducer

VARMEC Variators are available in 5 size (VAR 2-5-10-20-30) with speed change ratio of 5:1.
Each size is available as either variator only or as a combined variator and gear reducer of 1 or 2 reduction stages in a single monolithic casing.
Variators can be supplied complete with IEC motors (B5 type). Output speed is changed progressively by operation of the control handwheel which is
provided with a direct speed position readout. When required, the control handwhell can be replaced with an electric servomotor with limit switch device.
Also, each variator can be supplied with a proximity sensor to provide a display of output speed on a digital guage.
Additionally, a digital or analogue converter can be supplied to control the output speed from an external signal.
  • Input power from 0,12 to 4 kw
  • speed change ratio 5:1
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