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P = 0,5 - 15kW

Fimec spindle motors are designed to produce high torque and high speeds in compact dimensions.
This makes the motor ideal for machining wood, plastics, aluminium, marble and glass for use in jobs ranging from routing, drilling and sawing to cutting, boring and grinding.
Cooling is provided by a proprietary fan which rotates at spindle speed or, on request, by an electric fan independent from motor speed (separate electric fan warrants cooling at speeds lower than 7000rpm and for noiseless workings at the highest speeds).
These motors also include a labyrinth sealing arrangement to virtually eliminate any possibility of foreign particular damaging the bearings.
Fimec spindle motors are available with keyed or collect shaft. Motors with keyed and threaded shaft (type L) mount a single deep groove spindle bearing at both ends of the housing.
In this case, the motor can accept light plunge cutting, inducing axial loads but It is more suitable for those applications mainly involving radial loads.
Motors with collet shaft (type P) mount a double angular contact thrust bearing at the work end, with a single deep groove support bearing at the opposite end.
They are designed for those applications requiring heavy plunge cutting, inducing high axial loads, on a regular basis.
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